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Here are some of the benefits:

  • Your Maintenance is Covered: When you rent a home through our company, you gain access to a wide network of maintenance professionals. We will send someone to your home if you’re experiencing anything from a problem with your plumbing to issues with your roof or system. When you own a house, you have to find a professional yourself, which can be a time-consuming and costly ordeal.
  • Easier to Move Out: If it turns out not to be a permanent home after all or you’d like to move somewhere bigger because your family is growing, you don’t have to worry about selling your house.
  • More Affordable Up Front: While you will have to pay some fees up front in order to rent a house, it’ll still be more affordable than paying a down payment on a home.
  • Live In a House Without All the Stress: Owning a house can be incredibly stressful whereas renting isn’t quite comparable.


What Do We Look For in Tenants?


Tenants must apply before they can be considered for a home. The application process will ask them about numerous things, including:


Personal Information: Name, current address, contact information, height, weight, appearance, and so on.


Important Information and Numbers: Birth date, driver’s license number, citizenship status, social security number.


Emergency Contact Information: This information is important should an emergency happen and they are unable to contact anyone for themselves.


Employment Information: Tenants must have been with their current employer for at least six months and make at least three times the rent each month.

Rental History: Where they are currently renting, how much rent they pay per month, and how long they’ve been renting at that location. In addition, we ask for their landlord’s contact information. We only accept people who have a good rental history. This will ensure issues are minimized in the future.


Proof of Income: This will need to be official proof from their current employer that they make at least three times the rent every month.


Copies of Their License/IDs


Credit Scores: They must have a credit score of at least 620.


Bankruptcy and Foreclosure: We look to see if potential tenants have a history of bankruptcy and foreclosure, which would disqualify them from renting the house.


Criminal History: We perform background checks to ensure your tenants don’t have a criminal history.

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