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Jamie Pajoel

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Global Business Investor, Jamie Pajoel from Imo State Nigeria, is making waves internationally with many ideas on Organizational Leadership, simplifying processes, identify underlying problems in Business and addressing ineffective Leadership practices, all of which can give rise to a dysfunctional system if ignored.


Jamie Pajoel is a brand name in the field of Organizational Leadership and Effective Performance , working to help governments officials, organizations and individuals to increase their leadership influence by mastering the ability to harness people’s potentials effectively.


Jamie Pajoel is the CEO, VANTAGE GROUP (comprising Vantage Consulting, Vantage Migration, Vantage Capital and Vantage Canadian College).


As Executive Leadership Trainer with experience in designing, implementing and managing Corporate training which foster Human Capital Development, his approach offers innovative methods for gaining employee commitment to organizational objectives. It incorporates real case studies and practical applications that support managing diverse personalities in the workplace environment and an in-depth understanding of why human experience approach in the workplace is critical to organizational success.


As a Global leader, Jamie Pajoel is a recipient of the State of Michigan Leadership Award in the United States of America and a delegate to President Bill Clinton program in the United States of America. He also consults for many companies and manages most of their Workplace Leadership training.


As an international keynote speaker, Jamie Pajoel has delivered speeches, as well as attended Leadership programs at Johns Hopkins University; Carey Business School, Baltimore, Maryland; African Union Headquarters, Ethiopia; U.S Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria and World Bank Summit, Washington DC, U.S.A.


Jamie has vast workplace leadership and management skills and has an extensive experience in good communication and problem-solving. Jamie Pajoel is equally involved in driving culture shaping, growth and success of organization through training of staff across all cadre.


He is the author of “Leading From Within” and “Less Is More”. He is married to Dr. Linda Iheme and they both live in Canada.

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