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Who We Are

Vantage Heights Capital is a fast-growing Canadian Real Estate Company with focus on Property Investment, Property Management and Rental Property.


Our team have exceptional credentials that are complemented with practical and professional experience. Through our unique blend of academic knowledge and industry experience we ensure that our client’s needs are at the forefront of our service.


Our team is ready and qualified to help you with all of your rental property management needs, whether you’re looking for a home to rent or to rent out your own home.

Our Services

What Drives Us


We are committed to demonstrating a high level of leadership in everything we do


We uphold strictly to integrity in all our activities


We uphold the highest professional and international standards in training to meet statutory, individual and corporate requirements


We believe in exhausting all options to meet our clients’ goals and targets

Our Team

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  • ACBMP,
  • APMC,
  • CEO
Global Business Investor, Jamie Pajoel from Imo State Nigeria, is making waves internationally with many ideas on Organizational Leadership, simplifying processes, identify underlying problems in Business and addressing ineffective Leadership prac...
8:00AM - 17:00PM
10 years

Our Investment Portfolio

If you are an international or resident investor, Vantage Heights Capital will guide you through the process of buying a property in Canada.


This ranges from investment consulting and determining your investment needs for suitable recommendations to offering deep insights on financing your purchase through securing a mortgage, as well as legal, insurance, accounting, and taxation advice on buying a property in Canada.


Also, if you have no time to conduct the day-to-day engagements of a landlord in relation to your property, such as finding tenants, rent collection, maintenance and so forth, we can relieve you of this tasks while making sure that your ROI is on track for the long haul at a nominal fee.


Real estate is how many of the world’s richest people became wealthy. It’s also likely how their children and their children’s children got rich. In fact, huge empires have been built from a single property purchase.


Investing in a property in Canada might mean you might be residing on the property or not. Either way, there’s still something to gain. If you opt to rent it out, you will be guaranteed of a direct income stream, whether it’s occupied for the entire year or just a portion of it. This makes buying an excellent option if you are looking to diversify your income sources or create additional financial security during retirement.

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